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There are no mystical powers to any Lottery Charm® found on this site; the power is in the belief you put into them. Disclaimer: We are giving personal experiences and do NOT guarantee any winnings – gamble only what you can afford to lose. Claiming you have not won the lottery is NOT a reason for a refund. Looking for a MAGIC SPELL or formula for WINNING NUMBERS? Save your money; eBooks sold on this site do NOT have them.

All products are purchased by the buyer on the basis of the price and description shown on this site. It is important that at the time of purchase you are happy with the product(s) chosen. Please read the descriptions and titles carefully.

You can use our contact form to contact us if needed.


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All orders SOLD by this web site are shipped by Canada Post from White Rock, British Columbia, CANADA.

This link below shows current weather for Canada & USA

(Canada is NOT part of the USA, but the country above the USA)
USPS International Service Centers (ISCs) distribute and dispatch international mail received from a designated service area to specific foreign countries or to gateway exchange offices.

The five ISCs are located in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Your order is first directed to one of these locations after leaving CANADA.

Please allow the times below (based on past orders) before contacting us concerning your product not being received. Business days are Monday to Friday, not including holidays.

  • Generally orders in CANADA are received 5 to 12 business days after mailed.
  • Generally orders in the continental USA are received 10 to 15 business days.
  • International orders may take 15 to 30+ business days.
  • Shipping times usually increase during Christmas season and may be slower in summer months, meaning it could take longer than the estimated times above.
  • Snow storms, rain, flooding, tornados, hurricanes & wind, gas shortages can cause more delays.
  • Postal strikes, COVID or other pandemic outbreaks can affect delivery times, meaning you can expect longer than normal delivery times posted above.
  • If you are planning a trip or vacation and will be away from picking up your mail, this increases the chance of mail theft. Please order and plan to be able to receive your mail before you leave or have a trusted individual collect your mail until your return. The post office may offer mail hold services for a fee until you return.

If your order has not been received by the dates listed above, we can review if any factors could be affecting your delivery times. We can give you a date your order would be deemed lost and issue a full refund. If your order arrives after this let us know. If you have roommates, family or others sharing a mail box please check with them first if they have seen your package, before contacting us. One past customer had a roommate throw his package into a blue box for recycling as he thought it was junk mail. If you have a door mail slot, check that pets have not taken the small package.

However if on receipt of your physical product(s) – not digital products, you wish to change your mind then contact us within 10 days of receiving your delivery by using our CONTACT FORM to  exchange or obtain web store credit or refund (not including returning freight charges).

It is important that we receive your email no later than 10 days following your delivery.

When we receive your email using our CONTACT FORM we will happily provide you with a RMA (return merchandise authorization) you can use to exchange product(s) or for a store credit or refund so long as the following criteria are met:

  • Only the ORIGINAL PURCHASER is eligible to receive a refund by the method of payment used to place the order.
  • You will get the total of your purchase cost – product & shipping to you refunded. ALL WHAT YOU PAID at time of your order.
  • Only products delivered to the billing address of purchaser are eligible for a refund. People receiving our products as a gift are NOT eligible for a refund as they are not the purchaser. If someone stole your order, they will not get a refund from us.
  • You have a valid RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. Product(s) subject to the Return policies must be postmarked within 10 days of delivery.
  • All return costs will be your responsibility and are not refundable. No CODs accepted.
  • If the product is proven to be damaged in shipping to you, and you can supply proof via photo / video, you could qualify for a full refund without having to ship it back. This is done on a case by case basis. PLEASE use CONTACT FORM and supply your info and issues.

Products Returned as UNDEVERIABLE / ADDRESS UNKNOWN / RETURN TO SENDER will result in an email to the purchaser asking for a correct mailing address. If the purchaser does not respond to our request for a correct shipping address within 5 days, the purchase price will be refunded by the method of payment used to place the order. PLEASE insure you are providing your correct address. Listing one city but the postal code / zip code reflects a different city will be returned by postal services.

If you live at 380 ANYWHERE AVE Unit # 4 the proper way to list your address is 4-380 ANYWHERE AVE. — Unit first then a dash and building address.
Listing “380 – 4 ANYWHERE AVE” implies 4 ANYWHERE AVE unit #380 and your order will be returned to sender and you do not get your product.

If you have recently moved, check a recent utility bill for your correct mailing / billing address.

Damages & Other Issues 

Please inspect your order upon receiving and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you received the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

eBooks Refunds  – Restrictions – Other Issues

If you did NOT see the download link after placing your order or did not get the email confirmation with download link(s) of your order, please check your spam folder. With this site and your order email having the word LOTTO or LOTTERY, it may have been blocked by software on your computer, device, network administrator or internet provider.

All eBooks are supplied as an ACROBAT PDF file. Our eBooks are compatible with Windows, Apple, Mac and Android operating systems. You will be able to READ and/or PRINT on your own printer using the FREE ACROBAT READER.

If you can see and print the FREE Lotto Dream eBook, you have ACROBAT READER and can read and print our other eBooks sold on this site.

Unable to download the eBook(s)

For people who were unable to download the eBooks we can check the logs to see if and how many times the eBook(s) were downloaded.

People, who did not download the eBook purchased, please contact us using the CONTACT FORM and we can make other methods available to allow you to get the eBook.

If you have NOT DOWNLOADED the eBook(s) you paid for and want a full refund, let us know. We will disable the download link(s) and give you a FULL REFUND.

Purchased eBooks from this site have a download limit of 3 times and / or the link expires in 14 days of your order payment.  If your device or computer crashed beyond these limits we can look up your order and reactivate the download link on a case by case basis at NO CHARGE if we are able to find your original order.

Successfully downloaded eBooks are NOT refundable as the product was delivered.

Have an issue or concern contact us and we will see HOW WE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT.

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