World Famous

Ric Wallace has become WORLD FAMOUS and his photos, pins, coins, keychains, magnets, wall art and eBooks have been sent or taken to places all over the globe.

He is also WORLD FAMOUS because of his connection to white squirrels, black squirrels, crows, seagulls, wildlife, luck, winning the lottery, positive thinking, visualizations and for  capturing the Storm of the Century that took out the White Rock Beach, BC Canada pier in 2018. He has produced over 300 postcards and greeting cards and close to 200 magnets; these are sold in stores, online and at the White Rock Beach Gallery and are hot items for tourists.

Televised Appearances

  • 2015 Discovery’s Family Channel (U.S. network show)
  • 2014 go! Vancouver (now known as go! West Coast) segment on White Rock
  • 2010 TLC (The Learning Channel) U.S. network show
  • 2004 – 2010 A-Channel News, London, ON
  • 2004 Rogers Cable 13
  • 1987 TV Mini-Series Amerika – Appeared as an orderly operating a stretcher from an ambulance (met and photographed Kris Kristofferson)
  • BBC ONE – United Kingdom
  • 2019– 2020 CBC News, Vancouver, BC

 TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life gave Ric Wallace the title of  Squirrel Millionaire.

The tax-free dream home lottery win captured the interest of TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life in 2010, and I was the first Canadian featured on this popular show. There have been other Canadians featured on TLC who have won more money, but I was the first, and this title can never be taken away. Originally they were only interested in doing a story about someone who had won a house in a lottery and had no interest in the squirrel luck aspect of my win.

In my mind I visualized them connecting my lottery story to squirrel luck and making fun of me in the process in order to create a story that stands out. They even labelled me the Squirrel Millionaire.


The Black Squirrels Of London, Ontario CANADA

Stage Appearances

When I was in grade 3, I appeared as Tiny Tim in a grade 8 production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Ric Wallace also was featured 3/25/2019

Page 42 – 7/21/14 Woman’s World | Page 40 3/25/19 Woman’s World


Newspapers and Magazines

    • 2015   Nanaimo Daily News
    • 2015 – 2023   Peace Arch News
    • 2014   &  2019 Woman’s World
    • 2013   Peace Arch News
    • 2012   The Now Newspaper
    • 2011   The Globe and Mail
    • 2002 – 2010  The London Free Press
    • 2006   Harrowsmith Country Life
    • 1994   National Post

Other media in both Canada and the United States

    • CJBK AM radio – London, Ontario
    • AM 980 – London, Ontario
    • CBC Radio more than a dozen times – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver
    • WAKR – Akron, Ohio with Ron Horner
    • Canadian Newspapers in Exeter, StCatharines, Milton, Your Village News (12+ times), The Wheatley Journal
    • American Newspapers: Akron Beacon, Daily Kent Stater, Record-Courier, The Miami Herald, Philadelphia Daily News, The (Columbia, S.C.) State, The (Monterey County, Calif.) Herald,,,,,
    • Various websites:, /, (many more NOT listed)


One day I was looking at my charge card purchases leading up to a move and saw it was about $1,000 and said I need to WIN $1000.

The very next day I won $1024 –
just what I needed.



go-vancouver-02White Rock Beach photographer Ric Wallace does the Bird Dance for  Tiffany Gurden @TiffanyGurden Video Journalist & Producer for go! Vancouver on Shaw TV, Promo Script Writer, Voice Talent, Self-proclaimed detail perfectionist.  Everyone on set thought Ric better not give up his day job and leave the dancing to the seagulls on the beach.